Despite having an excellent solar rebate program in Victoria, the identity verification process has always been very complicated. So Victorians should be happy to know that this process has now been significantly simplified. This means that you can now apply for your solar rebates without all the usual frustration and angst that was inherent in the original process.

How has the verification process been simplified?

The verification process for the Victorian solar rebate is now much faster and easier to complete. This rebate gives you a 50% reduction in the price of a solar power system or $1,888 – whichever is the lowest, so it’s definitely worthwhile applying. The extra good news is that the Victorian solar rebate is in addition to the national solar rebate, so it’s happy days for Victorians!

The changes that have been made to the ID verification system for the Victorian rebate is that you no longer have to scan and upload images of your ID verification documents. This makes the process a lot faster and makes it so much easier for people without scanners or those who don’t really understand how to scan and upload documents. You also don’t need to complete the facial recognition process, which is another bonus.

Essentially, all you now need to do to complete the ID verification process is to enter your details from two forms of ID (driver’s licence, Medicare card, passport, Australian birth certificate or ImmiCard). A unique password will also be included in this process, which will be sent to your smartphone and you just enter it into the appropriate box on the web page. This should all be live now on the Solar Victoria website.

Uptake on the Victorian rebates slowed down

Most probably due to the complexity of the ID verification process, the uptake of these rebates has slowed down dramatically. Last year, the rebates were snapped up as quickly as they were made available, but in February, the majority of the nearly 5000 rebates were still available. Now that the process has been made easier, it might be worth applying soon, just in case everyone realises how simple it is and suddenly start to apply for these rebates.

Remember – only a limited number of Victorian solar rebates are made available at any one time, so complete the new application process and go solar!

More postcodes eligible for solar rebates

Victoria’s Solar Homes program has again increased the number of postcodes eligible for the home battery rebates. These rebates were originally only available for 24 postcodes, now it’s increased 250 postcodes as can be seen below, which  is nearly a ten-fold increase. This program offers rebates of up to a $4838 on the costs of a home battery system, so if you are considering installing a battery system, it’s definitely a great rebate. It’s also a good idea to explore your battery options soon, because this sizeable rebate might well encourage other homeowners to snap up these rebates quickly.

Solar Rebate Postcodes

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