At 8.30am on Sunday 6 October the sun will be rising in Darwin and 40 solar cars from 23 different countries will set out on an epic 3000km journey that will take them through the centre of Australia to Adelaide as they complete in the 2013 World Solar Challenge.

This unique event, which is run every two years in Australia, will be broadcast live showcasing solar cars racing across the Australian outback and maintaining average speeds of up to 100km/h for the entire journey.


Our major solar panel supplier, SunPower is proud to be supporting 11 of the 40 teams competing this year by providing them with SunPower’s high efficiency solar cells to help power their cars.

We wish all the teams taking part in the 2013 World Solar Challenge good luck, especially the Aussie ones!

More information on the race can be found at

Australian teams competing: