If you live in Darwin or Cairns, you might already be toasty warm in winter, but for most people living in Victoria, we look forward to rugging up in front of a roaring fire during the winter months.

The problem is that heating your home during winter usually increases the power bills and many of us already struggle to pay our bills. If this scenario seems familiar to you, then here are six ways you can stay warm this winter without going broke!

1.    Snakes are your friends

Draught proofing your home will go a long way to keeping the heat inside and the cold outside; it can also save you up to 10% on your heating bills. So scour your local hardware store for self adhesive window seals and use a few snake draught excluders to stop the cold seeping in underneath your doors.  It’s also a good idea to keep all the internal doors closed inside your home, so that you only heat the rooms you are using.

2.    Improve your insulation

Did you know that up to a quarter of your home’s heating can be lost through the roof? So check that your roof is insulated and also that it’s high quality and in good repair. If the insulation looks old and worn, then it might be time to replace it with a better quality option. On the other hand, if your roof is not insulated, then this should be a priority!

3.    Dress in warm clothes and rug up

It makes no sense in winter to have the heating up high and then sit there in a t-shirt and shorts. It’s far more sensible to rug yourself up with a pair of trackies, jumper and thick socks during the day and snuggling up with a fluffy blanket on the sofa in the evening. This way you won’t need the heater on as often and when you do switch it on, you can set it to a lower temperature.

staying warm in winter

4.    Move your couches

You might want to keep your sofa as close to the heat as possible, which is understandable if you have a fabulous roaring fire in your home. The problem is that placing a large piece of furniture in front of a heat source blocks the heat from flowing freeing around the room. So move the sofa far enough away so you still feel warm, but the warmth spreads throughout the room.

5.    Cuddle your pets (or partners)

This one is a no-brainer! If you feel cold in the winter, why not cuddle up with your partner or your pet, even your partner and your pet! The more warm bodies snuggled up together, the warmer everyone will feel.

6.    Use curtains wisely

During the day, open your curtains to let in the warm sunlight and close them when the sun goes down to help retain the day’s warmth inside your home. It’s also a good idea to replace summer curtains with thicker winter options, as this will add another layer of insulation to your home.

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