A community solar investor fund in Sydney has raised $17,500 in 9 minutes for the installation of solar panels at a local brewery.

Proving that Aussies love their beer AND renewable energy, these savvy investors have committed to help pay for a 30kW solar system on the roof of Young Henry’s brewery in Newtown. This will allow the brewery owners to produce their own electricity to use in their day to day operations, effectively producing solar beer!

The community fund was one of several parties to invest in the project and can expect returns of over 5 per cent per annum. The City of Sydney was another, using an Environmental Innovation grant to drive the investment.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore was very upbeat about their involvement.

“We are getting on and doing what we can to address climate change… and there’s no reason why this initiative can’t spread further, no reason you can’t inspire a whole lot of other organisations and we can come together and support them setting up as well,” Moore said.

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