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Solar Power

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. It’s also a very safe and reliable source of power for home use. Cola Solar have used some of the best panels to generate the maximum amount of power for your consumption.

Whether you’re looking for solar power in Bendigo or other parts of regional Victoria, we are here to help!

Cola Solar Power Bendigo is committed to providing a specialised service and installation of top calibre solar electricity systems. Our main aim here at Cola Solar is to help realise our customers’ return on investment in a solar power system. We do this by minimising unnecessary long-term power bill costs.

With the uptake of a Cola Solar system you are creating sustainable electricity whilst reducing harm to our precious environment. The main source of this damage is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. So congratulations in making a great decision to contribute in safeguarding the environment. Here are some other benefits of switching to solar.

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With our showroom and head office based in Bendigo, we also provide solar power throughout regional Victoria including to Ballarat, Echuca and Shepparton plus all smaller towns.

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Grid-Connect Solar Power

This is one of two types of solar power for homes or businesses with a connection to the grid, the other being Hybrid Solar.

Your grid-connect solar power system harvests light power through the panels and creates AC power through an inverter. This reduces your power consumption during daylight hours and sends any spare power back to the grid to be shown as a credit on your bill.

Cola Solar offers a range of different sizes and types of grid-connect systems to help meet your budget and to get the best return on your investment.




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