Everyone is doing it tough right now, whether you have lost your job or not. First we had the bushfires, then the floods and now Covid-19 has caused everyone to hunker down and pull up their drawbridges. Money is always a problem, even at the best of times, but now all anyone can think about is just getting through the pandemic and out the other side.

So you might not have any intention of installing solar right now, but it can actually help you out enormously in both the short and long term.

risen fronius solar installation pic

Let’s see how you can save a significant amount of money with solar, even if you are struggling to pay the bills today.

Electricity bill shock is on the way!

Regardless of your current money situation, the electricity bill still needs to be paid and it’s going to be bigger than ever this time! Even though your power bills are high at the best of times, your energy usage will have gone up dramatically in the last cycle. This is because everyone has been at home 24/7, using lighting and appliances more than ever. Switching to solar can save up to 70% off these power bills and the system will pay for itself in as little as 3 years.


Other investments suck right now

If you have some money set aside, you don’t want it in the stock market , because it’s not doing well at all! A term deposit or savings account isn’t much better with interest rates lower than they have ever been. If you want bang for your buck, investing in a solar system is your best option. The operative word here is investment, because solar is not an expense, it’s an investment in your future savings, which can be thousands and thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

Think of it this way – if your solar system costs you around $6000 and you invested this money in a one-year term deposit, it will only return about $100 or so, given the current abysmal interest rates (you also pay tax on this return). However, if you invest this money in a solar system instead, you can save approximately $2000 during the same time period. That’s twenty times the return on a term deposit or a 2000% return on your investment!

The icing on the cake is that solar subsidies are still available, saving you even more money if you decide to go down this road.

solar can save you thousands and thousands of dollars over the life of the system

Store the energy for even greater savings

The ultimate strategy for saving money on your energy bills is to invest in a battery system for your solar power. This lets you use your solar power even when the sun goes down, making you more self-sufficient and less dependent on the grid at night. As electricity prices continue to rise with no end in sight, a solar system with battery storage gives you a sense of security that’s so necessary in these troubling times.

Supporting local business helps the local economy

Investing in solar energy helps support the local community. Cola Solar is a family owned Aussie business located in Bendigo and we have been proud supporters of our community for more than ten years.

We are the oldest and largest solar PV retailer in regional Victoria!

Purchasing your solar system and battery storage from Cola Solar will help not only our business and employees but will also support the local community. It’s a win-win situation!

Getting solar is still safe

With social distancing and staying at home the main priority for everyone, maybe having solar installed isn’t such a good idea? If this is your concern, let us put your mind to rest, because our consultation and installation processes are contact-free. We can climb up on your roof to inspect the site, provide you with a quote and complete the installation, all without breaking social distancing rules. There’s no need to get up close and personal with anyone! We don’t even need to enter your home – it’s that safe!

So if you want to reduce your power bills in these troubling times, installing a solar system and even battery storage is one of the wisest moves you will ever make!

For help selecting the best solar system for your family, call Cola Solar on 1300 374 357.