Victoria has been experiencing one of the hottest runs of weather in our lifetime with sweltering conditions felt right throughout the state all week.

Should the temperature reach 41C in Melbourne today (Friday) as expected, it will be the first time ever we have seen four days in a row above 41 degrees.

Not surprisingly, cooling systems have been getting a major workout, and on Thursday afternoon, power use surged to 10,300 megawatts.

Solar has been playing a crucial role in making sure the lights (and air conditioners) stay on. The Australian Solar Council has found that during peak times this week, solar has been producing a high percentage of electricity use across all the states.


Percentage of electricity produced by solar pv on Wednesday 15th January

During the hottest parts of the day (between 2.30 and 5pm), this is when electricity use is at its highest, but it’s also when the most solar electricity is being produced. See live Solar PV Map

“As a community we should be congratulating those people who have made a significant personal investment in installing solar PV, which is now paying dividends for the entire community” said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council.

“Because solar PV produces electricity where it is used, and does not need vast network infrastructure, the power that is produced is all being used to best effect, which adds up to a big saving for solar.”

“In a country like Australia where 1 in 100 year heat waves are becoming more frequent, solar is the perfect solution” said Grimes.

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