It is a myth that the Ballarat region isn’t suited to solar power! Germany’s winters are far more brutal than Ballarat and they have the highest take up of solar in the world. It is true that in lower light areas, mono panels with their higher efficiency perform better, produce more and save you more. Cola Solar have installed many solar power systems in Ballarat, Alfredton, as well as Creswick, Daylesford, Clunes, Talbot and the Maryborough region.

Solar energy for your home or business holds a number of benefits. You can save significant money on your power bills, reduce climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improve public health by releasing less pollutants into the atmosphere. Panels also save you maintenance costs on your roof, protecting it from wear and tear.

Our solar panels are the most advanced in the world.

  • SunPower 327w panels are the most efficient solar panels in Australia
  • 20.1% module efficiency (compared with 250w panels at approx. 15.5%)
  • The ONLY panel in the world with a 25 year warranty on the panel itself
  • Rated the #1 panel in the world by PHOTON in 2012
  • Less panels required but they produce more energy per m2

SunPower offer a 25 year warranty, which includes both a power and product guarantee.

Cola Solar install:

  • Solar Power for both commercial and residential applications
  • Solar hot water and heat pumps
  • Hybrid ready inverters compatible with battery storage later on
  • LED lighting for both commercial and residential applications
  • Hybrid and off-grid systems
  • Heat Recovery ventilation


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Solar Panel Cleaning Service

We also offer a solar panel cleaning service to Ballarat homes and businesses, as well as surrounding areas. Over time dirt, dust and even droppings can build up on your panels which can lower the production of your system. We use professional equipment and a process 100% free of chemicals, ensuring clean panels and maximum savings on your electricity bill.

Advantages of having solar power in Ballarat

Rooftops in Ballarat receive just under 4 hours of sun per day on average throughout the year. This amount of sun will generate around 5.5kwh if you have a 1.5kw system, 11kwh if you have a 3kw system and 18.5kwh if you have a 5kw system. And with solar battery storage in Ballarat you will be able to utilise the power around the clock.

The aim of having solar power is to create and use your energy for free

  • You will never get a $0 bill, nor will you make money from solar today
  • The aim is to massively reduce reliance on buying power from your retailer
  • You are also protecting yourself against inevitable rate rises
  • SunPower via Diamond Energy provide a 25c feed in tariff

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