Solar panels capture energy from the sun which can be used throughout your home. It is a great way to save significant money on your power bills as well as helping the environment.

Cola Solar only offer high quality tier 1 solar panels to guarantee your satisfaction with your solar system investment. Essential you have the choice between great, better and best!

All of our panel offerings provide the following:

  • Tier 1
  • Resistant to the Australian climate
  • Between 10 – 25-year warranty

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The benefits of solar panels

Getting solar panels for your home or workplace comes with a number of benefits. We have many customers in Victoria reaping the rewards of a solar power system.

  • Panels slash your energy bills – Solar energy will significantly reduce your electricity bills as it produces totally free power. This means you can offset the installation costs in just a number of years and after that you are essentially making money. With battery storage, you can now keep your solar energy to use any time of the day or night.
  • They use renewable energy – Solar panels utilise energy from the sun which is a natural source. So we will never run out of it!
  • Panels require little maintenance – Solar panels once installed require very little maintenance to continue working and producing energy.
  • Gives you power security – If there is a blackout, not relying on the grid and having your own power source (especially if you have battery storage) means your house or office can continue to function unaffected.
  • They are very quiet – In fact they are silent. Photovoltaic panels make no noise when converting sunlight into electricity.
  • Better for the environment – We all know the environmental impacts burning coal has on the environment. Using solar panels to generate electricity reduces your carbon footprint and is much better for the planet.

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