Get more from your solar

Everything you need

Solar Analytics is a must-have edition to any solar solution

Solar Analytics’ patented algorithms calculate exactly how much energy you should be producing every day of the year.

Solar Analytics constantly monitors and analyses to let you and your retailer know when your solar system isn’t performing at its peak.

Improved performance, faster fault rectification and more uptime means greater solar savings and faster payback.

Savings Insights

Easily track the payback of your investment from your solar savings.

We translate all your kWh into dollars so you can see exactly how much savings your system is delivering right from day one.

See how the various costs and credits of your plan add up to help you anticipate your electricity bill. Know when it is the right time for you to make the investment in a battery.

How to get it

Cola Solar works with Solar Analytics to deliver you the most comprehensive experience with your solar.

From installation and commissioning to ongoing service and maintenance, to celebrating savings and payback, Solar Analytics and Cola Solar together ensure that you Get More from Your Solar.

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