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Diamond Energy – an electricity retailer passionate about solar customers and renewables!

Do you get your electricity through Origin, AGL or Energy Australia? Read why you should be avoiding “The Dirty Three”.

Cola Solar has an association with Diamond Energy, the solar friendly electricity retailer.

We recommend Diamond Energy as our preferred electricity retailer. They are passionate about renewables and have helped many of our customers get their new solar systems connected quickly and hassle free.

Once your solar system is installed, the Diamond Energy team will be on hand to help you understand your electricity, taking the time to understand your individual circumstances. This allows them to offer customised suggestions on the most efficient and effective ways to use not only your solar electricity, but also the electricity you purchase from Diamond Energy.

Greenpeace have rated Diamond Energy highly since 2009. And the 2015 Green Electricity Guide, the only independent, unbiased ranking of the environmental performance of all retailers selling electricity to Australian households again rated Diamond Energy very highly.

They offer:

  • great electricity rates and feed in rates for solar customers
  • personalised, solar specialist service
  • smart energy tips for solar customers

Below are the rankings for Australia, with scores out of 10 for environmental performance. Click here to view the entire list and see rankings by state.



A switch to Diamond Energy is also a way to take a simple step to make your electricity spend count and support renewable generation.

“When I signed up with Diamond Energy in April 2011, they were a relatively small company.  The main thing that stood out for me was their customer service, we had just installed a 4 KW solar system and they assisted us to get us online. The customer service department were excellent and explained everything in layman’s terms. In all areas of retailing today customer service is sadly in decline, and that is to the detriment of those companies, not so with Diamond Energy it is what keeps customers with them, it is one of their major strengths. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”
– Phil G, Buln Buln, Vic

Contact Diamond Energy on 1300 838 009.