We may already be half way through summer in Australia, but there are still plenty of hot days ahead. This time of year it is commonplace for homes to notice a jump in their power bills, thanks to the extra cooling being implemented, providing temporary relief from the heat.

Ironically, it’s also the time of year that power companies increase their prices, making it a double whammy for home owners. Time to switch to solar anyone?

Here are some clever tips to staying cool and saving money. Don’t say we didn’t warm you!

Drink plenty of water:
Drinking lots of cool, chilled water not only keeps you hydrated in the heat, but it also helps to keep your body temperature down, preventing you from over-heating.

Use more fans: Turn off the A/C and set up your fans to take advantage of any breezes that come through the open windows and doors, drawing in cooler air and pushing the hot air outside.

Optimise the A/C: Make sure that your A/C is working optimally by having it serviced regularly and save money by operating it at 25oC all the time, rather than at 18oC to cool your home down quickly.

Close the curtains: When you have the A/C running, keep the curtains or blinds closed, as this helps to retain the cool air inside your home and prevents hot air from entering.


Install blackout curtains: These are not only ideal for blocking out the light when you are sleeping (street lights and car lights are a good example), but as they are insulated, they also help to block out the heat.

Outside living: As the temperature cools down during the late afternoon and evening, save even more money by turning the fans or A/C off and moving outside onto the patio.

Love your fridge: If your fridge has seen better days, it might be time to replace it with a new and more energy efficient model. This will save you a significant amount of money every year, as will replacing the seals if they have started to harden or perish.

Energy efficient appliances: Ensuring that replacement appliances are energy efficient will help to reduce your power bills all year round.

Cooling sheets: Pack away the winter sheets and treat yourself to a set that are designed to keep you cool in the summer heat. You can also purchase cooling pillows that are designed specifically to keep you cool in bed.

Close unused rooms: There is no point in cooling unused rooms with your A/C as this just makes your A/C unit work harder and costs you more money. So cut down your energy bills by closing rooms that are not used during the day.

Fire up the BBQ: Forget the stove or oven in summer and instead, fire up the barbie! Stoves and ovens make your home even hotter and on an Aussie summer day this is the last thing you want – so cook outside as the evening cools down.

Get naked: One of the simplest ways to cool down in summer is to get naked! Having a cooling shower at the end of a long hot summer day and then relaxing in front of the fan or A/C with a cool drink in hand, is one of the pleasures of summer living.

And finally…switch to solar! If you haven’t already got solar installed at your home, now is the time. With great rebates available and excellent prices on the best brand systems, call us on 1300 374 357 to find out more.