Getting money back from the Government when you install a solar system is one of the great perks of switching to solar energy. However, there have been a number of changes to the Solar Homes Program in Victoria, some of which affect whether or not you receive a rebate. From July 1st, only CEC Approved Solar Retailers will be able to install solar systems under the Solar Homes Program.

Which means if you use a retailer who is not CEC Approved, you will not be eligible for the rebate. Currently retailers only need to be CEC accredited installers, but the new requirement is being brought in to help protect consumers from substandard work, and allow them to easily avoid non-compliant solar providers.

You will be pleased to know that Cola Solar is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and we have signed the CEC Code of Conduct; we can install solar systems under the Solar Homes Program!

What is the Solar Homes program?

This is an awesome package that has seen more than 30,000 homeowners install solar panel systems on their roofs. Eligible households can claim a 50% rebate of up to $2225 on the price of these systems or $1000 rebate for installing solar hot water.

The $2225 rebate is on top of the STC Federal Government Rebate, so if you are eligible to claim both rebates, you can save up to two-thirds of the costs. To be eligible, a household must have a combined gross income of less than $180,000, live in a home that is valued at less than $3 million, and not already have a solar panel system in place.

The $1000 solar hot water rebate is available if you are replacing a hot water system that is more than three years old, and the same eligibility requirements apply as for solar panels.

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Other changes to the Solar Homes Program in July

There are three additional changes to this program that commences in July: rebates for solar battery systems, a change to smart inverters and interest free loans.

Solar battery rebates: 10,000 eligible households can apply for a 50% rebate on the installation of a battery storage system, up to the value of $4838. This rebate will reduce after the first year, simply because the cost of installation is expected to reduce over time.

Smart inverters: Smart inverters will be mandatory for systems installed under the Solar Homes program. These inverters are designed to dynamically manage the relationship between the energy produced by your system and the grid into which it feeds.

Interest free loans: Owner-occupiers in Victoria can apply for interest free loans to cover the cost of the unsubsidised portion of their solar panel systems. This will make installing solar panels much more affordable for the large majority of homeowners.

Finally, the Solar Homes Program will provide 50,000 rebates on solar panel installation for renters, who will pay 25% of the costs for installing solar panels on their rental property. This will be paid by a small levy on their rent over four years, whilst the landlord will pay 25% and government 50%.

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