Project Description

Victory Christian College 100kW

The new 100kW solar system on Victory Christian College (VCC) is ready to produce massive amounts of free, quiet, optimised, and clean energy. They will now offset over 99 Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year!

Customer Comments
At Victory Christian College, we decided to install a 100kW Solar System on our new Gymnasium. It is a great option for us as it is both a long term cost saving as well as complementing our Environmental & Sustainability commitments. The project was sent to tender with local firm Cola Solar the successful company by a significant margin. All Cola Solar staff were professional and friendly, they made the project a pleasure. We now have the added benefit that the College Students are able to monitor our electricity usage and savings. This hands-on approach ensures that students learn & understand the advantages of sustainable practices.”

– Bruce

Solar Consultant Comments
“Schools are perfect for solar. Their operating times are consistent with good solar production hours, making the investment very economical. Also, the attending children get a chance to learn about clean, renewable energy on their own school’s roof! The solar system at VCC is setup to be easily monitored for the benefit of the owners, the teachers, and the students.”
– Steve

Project Details

Size: 100kW

Panels: Risen Energy Solar Panels

Inverter: Fronius Inverters

GHG Offset per Year: 99 Tonnes