Project Description

Mitsubishi & Renault Bendigo 100kW

We are excited that more and more car dealerships are turning to renewable energy and choosing Cola Solar to implement their green investment.

Dealerships are suited perfectly to solar! They operate 6 days a week and their main energy consumption is during the middle of the day which is when the solar panels work their magic.

Another benefit solar provides dealerships is supplying a way to off-set their impact on the environment.

For example, the 100kW solar system which we have installed for Mitsubishi and Renault dealership, will off-set over 100 metrics Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. “What does that mean?” I hear you ask. It’s pretty much equivalent to planting 1,700 trees.

They can also expect the system to pay for itself in 4 years. That’s a sound investment!

‘‘Tony and his team at Cola Solar installed a 100kW system on the Dealership and our usage and bills reduced dramatically.

The savings are even better than I thought and the system will pay for itself in next to no time. I should have done something years ago!

Their experience really showed through from consultation to installation and it was friendly, helpful and hassle free.

I Highly Recommend Cola Solar.’’  

Michael King, Dealer Principal, Bendigo Mitsubishi, MG & Renault.    

Project Details

Size: 100kW

Panels: Risen Energy Solar Panels

Inverter: Fronius Inverters

GHG Offset per Year: 100 Tonnes