Solar Panel Cleaning Enquiry

Is dirt, dust and bird droppings getting in the way of your savings?
Anything that obstructs your solar panels will result in lower production of your system, which then reduces your savings from your electricity bill. Cleaning your solar panels can increase your solar production. Getting on your roof and cleaning your panels yourself can be difficult and dangerous, so let us take care of it with the proper equipment and skills. While we are there, we will also do a visual panel check.

Benefits of a Cola Solar panel cleaning service:

  • Increased solar production
  • larger savings on your electricity bill
  • Professionally cleaned with proper equipment
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Visual panel check
  • Options to upgrade your system
  • Options to add Battery Storage systems
  • And of course, nice clean looking panels!

We provide solar panel cleaning to Bendigo and the surrounding areas as well as throughout regional Victoria.

Make a Panel Cleaning Enquiry

Due to restrictions on site per employee, at this time we have suspended panel cleans. We thank you for your patience during this time.