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Off-Grid Solar

This is for properties without a connection to the grid. Cola Solar has a specialist department which firstly takes a brief from you to determine exactly the size and type of system needed to suit your needs and how little maintenance you’d prefer to do.

As with all Cola Solar Total Solutions we can also help you reduce your consumption by substituting high consumption items for more efficient ones.

Off-Grid Stand Alone Power System (SAPS)

An off-grid system generally uses fewer panels with larger battery storage than the hybrid system. Sophisticated electronics and programming ensure long battery life and overall high efficiency while minimising the amount of back-up needed from a generator even when there are several consecutive cloudy days in winter.

Provision can be made for the addition of a wind turbine and for generator auto-start. A high efficiency solar hot water system is recommended as an addition. We can give advice on the provision of correct facilities for housing the various electronic modules and for battery storage including the necessary ventilation and insulation. Cola Solar can also arrange installations on ground mounts and trenching and back filling for underground cabling.



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