Cola Solar are proud to announce we have recently won a 170kW Bendigo Council Tender comprising of 4 separate sites.

These include Epsom Huntly Recreation Reserve (Bendigo’s premier soccer facility) and Eaglehawk Eco-Centre (which includes a landfill, recycling centre and garden waste processing facility) Along with two childcare facilities, Helen Jessen Early Learning Centre in Strathdale and Annie Galvin Child Care Centre in Quarry Hill.

Installations are well underway and all 4 venues will be enjoying solar powered energy very soon!

Huntly Recreation Reserve
353 Midland Hwy, Epsom VIC 3551
70kW System
Inverters : Fronius Eco 27, Eco 25, Symo 15
Panels 200 x 340 watt Sunpower
Tilts @ 20° Angle


Eaglehawk Land Fill and Recycling Centre
50kW System 189 Upper California Rd
Inverters : 2 x Fronius Eco 25
Panels : 153 x SunPower P17 340watt (6 panels additional)


Helen Jesson Child Care
30 kW Solar Edge
Panels : 88 x SunPower x 340W
Inverters : 1 x 12.5kW with 38 Panels 1 x 17kW with 50 Panels


Anne Galvin Child Care
136 Mitchell St Bendigo
Size : 20kW 3 Phase
Inverters : 2 x 10kW Symo

For more information on our commercial solar solutions, please call the office on 1300 374 357.