Solis Wifi Monitoring Set Up

  1. Make sure that the WI-FI dongle is inserted into the inverter and have a laptop or a PC that has access to the WIFI.
  2. On a windows PC / laptop go to the WIFI settings and press the Wi-Fi icon.
  3. Options should appear. Try to find AP_XXXXXXXX
  4. Press it and click connect.
  5. It will say connecting…. Leave the option and open the Google’s Chrome browser
  6. Open Google’s chrome browser or Firefox and in the URL bar type in the following IP Address:
  7. If it asks for any username or password, please enter admin and admin for both and press Sign in
  8. Select Wizard
  9. Find your Home’s Wi-Fi name, it could be Telstra or DODO or anything that you use to browse internet at your place. If you can’t find, please press Refresh
  10. Click on Show password option as it helps to see the password while you type in. Enter the password for your Home’s Wi-Fi and press Next.
  11. Next, you don’t have to click or change anything, just click Next
  12. You should see the Setting Complete page.
  13. Visit
  14. Click on Register tab and enter correct details.
  1. After clicking next you will receive a pop up.
  2.  Check your email for a verification code and enter it within 1 minute.
  3. You will be routed to a new page.
  4. Press Create your plant in 1 minute and you will see a page.
  5. Fill this information to the best of your knowledge as it does not affect the data logging capabilities of the system.
  6. Press Next then click Construction Completed
  7. You will see this box as soon as you click construction completed
  8. Just enter the S/N written on the Wi-Fi stick and click Add. Please see you can’t change Device type and Brand.
  9. If above step doesn’t appear you will need to Click Add New Device and Follow same steps as mentioned above.
  10. If you see the serial number of the inverter that means your initial setup was OK and everything should work after a couple of minutes.
  11. Go to your App store and download the Ginlong Home app
  12. Click on login
  13. It will ask for the username or email and a password
  14. Please enter the same username and password as used to log in to
  15. You should be able to see your plant.