Huawei Wifi Monitoring Set Up

1.  Search for FusionHome in your app store and install the app.
2. Run the app,
3. Tap the Wi-Fi name ‘SUN2000L’ and enter the Wi-Fi password ‘Changeme’ to connect to the Wi-Fi network. After the connection succeeds, the Inverter list screen is displayed.
4. On the Inverter list screen, tap the corresponding SUN2000L.
5. Select user, enter the password ‘00000a.’, and log in to the app.

6. Click on Quick Setting
Enter your Wi-Fi’s password and click next
Enter your solar system’s relevant details.
9. After the inverter performs a self-check, click next.
10. Enter Your IP address and port number
11. after connecting to the server, click finish.
12. Click return home. To view your system, click on the inverter list.
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