ABB Wifi Monitoring Set Up

1. Go to the Wi-Fi Setting on a mobile device or on a computer and connect to the ABB Network. The access point default password is ‘ABBSOLAR’ for the first 24 hours from the time the inverter is powered ON. After 24 hours the access point password is changed to the inverter’s Product Key.
2. Once the inverter is connected to the ABB network, open a web browser on the device and enter the IP address on the address bar.
3. On the login screen, set the administrator Username and Password. Set the User account username and password (optional).
4. Set the IP Setting to DHCP (Choose ‘Static’ if the user wants to assign a fixed IP address to the system). Choose the home network under the ‘Available Network (SSID)’ section, enter the network password and click ‘Collect’.
5. A message will ask for confirmation. Click ‘Next’ to connect the inverter to the home wireless network.
6. Once the inverter is connected to the local wireless network, a new message will confirm that the connection is acquired. Click ‘Next’ button to proceed to the next stage.
7. Set the Date, Time and Time Zone and click ‘Next’.

8. Set the grid standard to ‘AS4777’ for Australia. Set the ‘Input Mode’ and the ‘Meter’ (if any) and click ‘End’
The inverter will reboot at the end of test phase and will display a confirmation message.
10. Go to From the login page click on ‘Sign Up’
11. Read the instructions and click ‘Next’
12. Fill in all your personal details and click ‘Next’. Make sure the password contains at least an UPPER CASE, a LOWER CASE, a NUMBER and a SPECIAL CHARACTER.
13. A message will pop up and an email will be sent to the email address which was used to register the account. Open the email and email the link as instructed.
14. Fill in the details and register the plant, click ‘Next’ when done.
15. Enter the MAC Address for the inverter and click ‘I’m done’. Allow 15 minutes (may vary depending on the signal strength between the inverter and the router) for the data to upload.
16. To create new plant click on user sign in the top right corner and navigate to ADMINISTRATOR.

17. Click on PLANTS. Click on ADD NEW under the PLANT GROUPS column type in the customer’s intended plant name. Click NEXT and then SAVE. The name of the plant should appear in the PLANT GROUPS column
18. In the PLANTS column click on ADD NEW PLANT and fill in all the details of the new plant and click on the blue arrow below.
19. After completion, the new plant will appear in the PLANTS column. Drag and drop the newly created plant in the relevant plant group created in STEP 17 and click SAVE
20. Click on REGISTER LOGGER and insert the 6-Character MAC address obtained from the customer’s inverter label and press Continue
21. Click on drop down menu and select the relevant plant created in in STEP 4 and then click on ASSOCIATE.
22. Press the HOME button and check the PLANT PORTFOLIO MANAGER and click on the PLANT created as per above steps.

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