Our Management Team

TONYManaging Director
Cola Solar’s co-founder, Tony has been in the building industry all his life and has spent the last 11 years servicing the growing solar market.

KAYEAdministration Manager
Cola Solar’s co-founder, Kaye has been crucial to business operations managing the administration department at Cola Solar and providing exceptional service to the solar market for 11 years.

Administration Department

EMMAConnections Manager
Meet Emma, our Connections Manager at Cola Solar. Emma and her team take care of making sure your investment receives the correct services after the installation has been completed.

Emma’s domain is everything from safety assessment and certification, to distributor connection and warranty registration.

JULIEAccounts / HR
Julie has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a diploma in Management and Human resources. Julie brings over 15 years of experience in HR and over 30 years experience in finance to her role.
ALEXISCustomer Service
Alexis holds a Certificate IV in Business from Integrity Business College and has an extensive background in real estate and customer service. She brings a lot to the team including superb customer service, fantastic work ethic, and exceptional solar knowledge.
DAVE 'ROBBO'Connections Administrator
Meet Robbo, our connections admin expert who works behind the scenes to make sure the connection of your solar system goes smoothly. Robbo goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service to Cola Solar clients.

ELLYSSAConnections Administrator
Ellyssa has a Certificate in Business from Integrity Business College. She is extremely detailed-oriented ensuring all elements of a solar installation and connection go smoothly. Ellyssa has been overseeing pre and post-installation paperwork and administration at Cola Solar for the past 18-months.

Engineering Department

TAYYABSenior Renewable Energy Engineer
Tayyab has a degree in Electrical Engineering, a Masters in Renewable Energy and worldwide experience with multinational companies. Tayyab’s focus is on designing, planning and project management for commercial installations.

ANILRenewable Energy Engineer
Qualified in Electrical Engineering Anil also has a Masters in Professional Engineering (Electrical and Renewable Energy). Anil heads up Cola Solar’s Engineering department function, providing pre-sales and post-sales support, monitoring and warranty.
MICHAELProject Support Coordinator
Michael joins the Cola Solar team with a Bachelor’s of Engineering from the The University of New South Wales. Michael graduated in 2021 with Honors and was awarded the 2nd Year Photovoltaic Project Prize during his university studies.

Sales and Marketing Department

ZOEMarketing Specialist
Zoe brings expertise to her Marketing Specialist role
holding both a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Deakin University and a Post-graduate Certificate in Marketing from RMIT. Zoe manages all marcomms across the business.

KANEBusiness Development Manager
Kane brings over 15 years of experience in technology to his role, with a background in IT network engineering and B2B
relationship management.

Kane manages our commercial sales and client relationships with a focus on emerging technologies.

TOBYCommercial Solar Consultant
Meet Toby, our commercial solar consultant here at Cola Solar. Toby has extensive knowledge on the inner workings of large-scale solar systems, working to design systems to match a client’s consumption and heads the development of data analysis for Cola Solar’s PV design systems.
MITCHSolar Consultant
Meet Mitch, one of our solar consultants who can help you realise your solar dreams! Mitch has a background of 10 years in customer service and sales and is your go-to for all things solar. Mitch will go above and beyond to help you design your bespoke solar solution.

LUKESolar Consultant
Meet Luke, one of our residential solar consultants. Luke is known for his exceptional customer service and superb product knowledge. Luke will go above and beyond to help you find your perfect solar solution.

Operations Department

ANDREWField Service Manager
Andrew is an A Grade electrician with CEC and Tesla battery accreditation. He leads our field service team of around 20 electricians, apprentices and labourers from the front and project manages large scale commercial installations.

JOSHApprentice Electrician
Meet Josh, one of our Apprentice Electricians here in Bendigo who can be described in three words; friendly, chatty, and hungry. He loves talking to new people and helping them save on their electricity bill. Josh is very friendly and is always happy to help.
JONATHANHybrid Accredited Electrician
Meet Jonathan, our solar battery wizard and devoted Tesla fanboy. If you have a Tesla Powerwall from Cola Solar, Jonathan most likely was the one who set up that beautiful battery for you!