Cola Solar are very excited to have completed our largest roof top solar project to date, a 150kW installation for JL King in Bendigo.

The customer is extremely happy and looks forward to some huge power savings for many years to come.

The below chart is actual data from the online monitoring of this 600 panel job from Wednesday 2nd December. Over one megawatt hours produced in a single day from only 150kW size system. This is a dramatic result!

The CEC listed average daily production for a 150kW size system in the Bendigo region is only 600kWh so this is a fantastic result, due to many variables that Cola Solar have considered when formulating a holistic solution for JL King’s system’s peak performance. This excellent data shows that our highly trained & talented technical staff are able to customise a PV system to suit any large commercial or industrial site regardless of their particular input criteria needing to be met.

We still do a huge number of 5.0kW PV systems on domestic homes throughout Bendigo, Shepparton & Ballarat  but with this kind of proof we are now able to confidently provide a 500kW system if required & also every size in between!

So whether it’s a Residential, Commercial or Industrial site & either a Grid connect, Off Grid or Hybrid request, Cola Solar your local one stop solar shop has it completely covered! Call 1300 374 357.