Businesses in Bendigo are starting to take advantage of solar energy opportunities, allowing them to save money on power bills and help their bottom line.

Late last year, Cola Solar extended their services to include the commercial sector, which will help companies slash their electricity consumption in half, and in some cases up to 75 per cent.

One such business to get on board has been the Williamson Street 24 Hour General Store in Bendigo. With out of control electricity bills, it made sense for owner John Giles to make the switch to solar.


Details of the General Store system:

  • The system comprises of 115 SunPower panels connected to 3 SMA inverters
  • SunPower solar panels are the highest efficiency panel on the market representing the best yield available for limited roof space
  • SunPower solar panels are the industry leaders with a 25 year product and performance warranty including a documented 40 year “useful” lifespan
  • The new SunPower E20 series set new record panel efficiencies of over 20%, returning a minimum expected yield of 54,896kW/hours per year to assist in power cost reduction of around 60%
  • The SMA three phase inverters are the best match for the high efficiency SunPower panels. SMA inverters are industry leaders and being German design and manufactured they represent the utmost quality and offer a performance guarantee, making them a sound choice for securing future savings.

Article in the Bendigo Advertiser:


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