JinkoSolar is a Chinese company and the world’s biggest large scale manufacturer of solar panels. Heavily invested in R&D, JinkoSolar have set a new record for their solar panel efficiency – the result of stringent third party testing of their N-type and P-type PV cells.

The results of these tests, which were performed by the Wind Power Systems Quality Centre at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and certified by Germany’s VDE and the US based Intertek companies, reveal a 24.2% efficiency for their N-type monocrystalline cells (with 0.2% degradation), overtaking the 23.95% efficiency of their p-type monocrystalline cells (with 1% degradation).

These efficiencies are pretty much matched by similar results of 24.06% efficiency for the Longi Solar monocrystalline PERC cells and Solar Frontier’s thin-film solar cell’s 23.5%  efficiency, all of which are slightly better than Risen Energy’s mono PERC panel efficiency of approximately 21%.

JinkoSolar believes that the standards used to test their cells will soon be included in the IEC’s global requirements for testing all such cells – the pending IEC 63202-1standard for measuring the light induced degradation of silicon crystalline solar cells.

JinkoSolar panels are affordable and popular in Australia

As a Tier-1 PV module manufacturer, JinkoSolar panels have become very popular in Australia, achieving good reviews from customers who have had these panels installed for more than 12 months. Their PV modules have also been installed in some of the largest commercial solar installations in Australia, including the 24 MW Royalla solar farm in the ACT and the 1.8 MW Yulara Voyages solar project at Uluru in Central Australia.

Producing a vertically integrated solar product, including ignots, silicon, wafers, cells and modules, JinkoSolar provides a complete package to their customers. Their high quality products resulted in an excellent performance rating by Choice Magazine in 2017 (after outperforming all other solar modules in their price range) and the ‘Top Brand PV’ in Australian, German and Austrian markets during 2018.

jinko solar panels

Providing excellent low light performance and high heat tolerance, JinkoSolar is not only a bemouth in residential and commercial markets (they have an annual production capacity of 6.5 GW for their cells, 9.2 GW for their silicon ignots and 10 GW for their modules), but they are also aiming to develop high efficiency industrial solar products.

As a partner with the Australian National University and the University of NSW, JinkoSolar is participating in a $29.2 million Australian Renewable Energy Agency solar cell research program. The aim of this project is to develop innovative strategies to identify the causes of efficiency loss in silicon cells and investigate ways to reduce these losses. Results of this project will lead to lower priced solar cells for Australian households, commercial and industrial businesses, as well as solar farms.

With the ability to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions, an award winning performance and outstanding solar cell efficiencies, it is no wonder that JinkoSolar panels are one of Australia’s best value for money solar systems.