Solar energy has existed on Earth for as long as our little planet has been rotating around the sun. And since 700 B.C. people have been coming up with ways to harness this energy. Back then it involved using glass to magnify the suns rays and since then, we have made huge advances in technology to utilise the suns energy.

So just how does solar power work?

Basically, a solar panel system captures light from the sun which is then run through a device that converts this energy into electricity. The electricity is passed through to the power outlets, and can be used around the home.

The process by which the sunlight is converted into electrical energy is through the photovoltaic effect. Silicon wafers laminated under non-reflective glass in solar panels collect photons from the sun, and turn this into DC electrical power.

This power then flows to an inverter, which converts and transforms it into usable voltage and AC electrical power. Everything around your home which uses electricity can be powered by this solar energy, including your fridge, television, microwave, lights and more.

Produce more energy than you need? Reap the rewards!

When your solar electricity system produces more energy than you need, it exports the excess power back into the main grid. This effectively makes your electricity meter run backwards. By using solar energy, you can save large amounts on your power bills, and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, helping both your wallet and the environment.

All Cola Solar installations are done by a CEC grid-connect accredited installer.

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