You would have heard the big news by now but just in case you haven’t, here is a quick recap…

The Victorian Government will help households purchase solar to reduce their energy costs with the ‘Solar Homes Package’. Eligible households can claim a 50% rebate on the cost of their new solar system, up to a maximum of $2,225. The rebate is available for 24,000 households throughout Victoria who have installed solar on or after the 19th of August 2018. You can claim the rebate after the installation is complete and you have the necessary documents from your solar retailer.

If you already have solar (installed prior to 19th of August 2018) you cannot claim the rebate however, you may be eligible to claim a $1,000 rebate for the replacement of a gas or electric hot water system with a solar hot water system. You can only claim one of the available rebates.

Are you eligible?

You will be eligible for the rebate if the following applies to you.

  1. Your household’s taxable income is less than $180,000.
  2. You are an owner-occupier of a home valued under $3 million.
  3. Do not already have solar installed on your property.
  4. You have chosen Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved products and use a CEC Accredited Installer
  5. You have chosen an installer who can provide a statement that they have had no significant contravention history, or prosecutions registered with WorkSafe Victoria in the past three years.


What to ask when talking to a solar company.

Are you CEC accredited? And do you use CEC approved products?

Victorian households who choose Cola Solar can be assured that we only use CEC approved products and we use CEC accredited electricians/installers.

Can you provide me with a statement that shows you have not had a work place incident in the past 3 years?

Cola Solar can provide you with this statement and you can download it through the link below…
Cola Solar Rebate Statement

How long until my system will be installed?

Due to the limited number of spots for the rebate, it is a good idea to ask this question to get an understanding of when you might be applying for the rebate. If a company estimates an installation time frame of 3 – 5 months (which is currently happening), you might miss out on the rebate. Cola Solar are currently estimating a time frame of 6 – 8-week time frame* (subject to change) from deposit to installation. Due to our size, we are able to handle the influx of installations.

Can you provide me with the following documents so I can claim the rebate?

  1. The Commonwealth Solar PV STC Assignment Form
  2. The Solar Connection Form, embedded micro generator form or similar
  3. The Electrical Work Request
  4. The Certificate of Electrical Safety
  5. An invoice from the installer detailing the size, cost and date of installation of the solar PV system

Cola Solar will provide you with the required documents for you to claim the rebate, and we will help you out with the application process if necessary.

The Victorian Government ‘Solar Homes Package’ has made solar the most viable it has ever been. The rebate coupled with the price of solar components coming down has created a perfect time to invest in solar. If you want to take the first steps towards solar power, call us on 1300 374 357 and one of our solar consultants will be happy to help you out. Alternatively, you can request a free consultation and quote HERE!

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