Did you know that homes with ‘green’ features are more in demand by buyers? Well recent research by PRD Nationwide and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), as well as other industry partners have found that sustainable properties outperform other property types.

In fact, the median sale price of ‘green’ homes is 10% higher than conventional homes and on average, they sell 13 days faster as well! With higher prices and faster sales times, going green has never been more important to Australians.

Why do green homes sell for higher prices?

Of even more interest to Australian home owners and revealed by this research, are the reasons why sustainable homes sell faster and for a higher price. These reasons include:

  • lower energy bills,
  • less money spent on maintenance,
  • reduced construction materials and emissions, and
  • an improved and more comfortable lifestyle.

Of course, a higher median price and resale value and a faster selling time were also revealed as noteworthy benefits of purchasing a sustainable home.

Who benefits from these sustainable homes?

Anecdotal evidence appears to suggest that a large number of people who actively search for sustainable homes are mature buyers and those closest to retirement. These buyers want to reduce their overhead bills and focus on a low maintenance lifestyle, and a sustainable home ticks all the boxes.

Many of these buyers place solar panels and gas or solar hot water at the top of their ‘must-have’ list with Telsa battery systems starting to become popular as well. In fact, new homes fitted with the Telsa battery systems are very competitive and are snapped up as soon as they come onto the market.

Energy efficient appliances, louvres for cross ventilation and double insulation are all features that draw a crowd hungry for low maintenance and low energy lifestyles. It’s not just the savings however, that make green homes so popular with buyers, it’s also because they are environmentally friendly, something that has become important to many home buyers in Australia.

Will this trend continue?

Well, a housing affordability study by the Australian government has shown that the continuing and progressive innovation in house design and construction methods will likely continue to reduce costs and improve returns for home owners and investors. Specifically, this report mentions the trend towards smaller & smarter floor plans, increased thermal and water efficiency, and innovative lighting designs.

Add these predictions to the growing trend in high density living and you can see why the attraction of a smarter and more sustainable lifestyle continues to grow in Australia. It’s fair to say that with people willing to pay more for homes that are energy efficient, home owners can’t loose by installing these features in their homes.

How can you increase the sustainability of your home?

One of the easiest and fastest ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home is to install solar hot water and solar power. The benefits of solar will be seen immediately by your family with lower energy bills, solar rebates, a higher valuation and smaller carbon footprint. Invest in a battery storage system and your home will become even more desirable and self-sufficient!

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