With the power companies constantly hitting us with price hikes, many of us feel helpless as bills from Origin, AGL, Lumo or one of the other big names, eat in to our hard earned money. Electricty and gas are essential services and every provider seems to be the same, but you CAN do something to lower the financial strain. Be more efficient!

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is about reducing the amount of energy to achieve the same results. For example, you may not need the heater on so high to still provide a comfortable room temperature. Being energy efficient around the home not only improves your financial well-being, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Australian consumers have already started to take action, with over 7 million people successfully reducing their power bills in 2012. There are many steps you can take, some as simple as flicking a switch!

Some easy energy saving opportunities

Switch appliances off standby mode

Standby power usage can cost over $100 per year. Turn off your tv, computer, microwave, and other electrical appliances at the power point, or install a standby power controller which automatically switches them off when not in use.


Use energy efficient lighting

Changing all your incandescent light globes to energy-efficient ones will save you up to $19 per globe each year. If you have a large house with lots of lights, this can add up!


Keep the thermostat at a constant level

We have a tendency to overheat a room when its cold, and overcool it when its hot. On average, heating and cooling accounts for 38% of all energy usage around the home. This is more than any other factor. So keeping your room temperature between 18 and 20 degrees will significantly reduce energy use (up to 10%), whilst maintaing a comfortable environment for you.


Buy an energy efficient fridge

A fridge runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it needs to be as efficient as possible. Choose one with a high efficiency star rating, the extra cost will be saved quickly on reduced energy usage. And if you have a second fridge that doesn’t need to be used, turn it off! Also buy other energy efficient appliances where possible.


Wash and dry clothes smartly

Heating water uses lots of energy so washing your clothes in cold water goes a long way. And instead of using a dryer, uses a clothes line or rack…it takes a little longer but it’s worth it!


Insulate your house

Having appropriate insulation in your roof, and sealing up gaps in the doors and windows can stop air escaping (or getting in) and save you more than $150 a year in heating and cooling. A door snake only costs $10-20 and is very effective.


Go solar!

While a greater investment is required to implement solar power around the home, it is by far the most effective way at making your house more energy efficient. The annual savings you make (through panels, solar hot water, solar air conditioning or a home ventilation system) will see you offsetting the costs in only a handful of years.

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