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Meet the Cola Solar Team

ALLYSSAInstallation Administration
Meet Ellyssa, our installation admin expert who works behind the scenes to make sure your solar installation goes perfectly smooth. Three words can describe Ellyssa; friendly, outgoing and a ‘big-softie’, which you could have guessed if you have ever spoken to her on the phone.

Ellyssa is skilled in the art of song lyrics from any musical genre. Not cool enough for you? Well she can do flips as she used to compete in and teach gymnastics. When she isn’t working, you can find Ellyssa outdoors walking, running, camping or at the dog park with her 2 German Shepard pups Luna & Nala.

When asked what superpower she would choose, Ellyssa answered “Hulk, any day of the week”. This is hard to imagine as she is usually the anti-Hulk; happy, helpful and not green. Give Cola Solar a call on 1300 374 357 and Ellyssa will bend over backwards to ensure a smooth solar installation for you.

JOSHSolar Consultant
Meet Josh, one of our newest residential solar consultants here in Bendigo who can be described in three words; friendly, chatty, and hungry. He loves talking to new people and helping them save on their electricity bill.

Josh can only function properly if he has had his morning coffee and 2 bits of toast, one peanut butter, one vegemite. His first job was at a small-town sports store which he says was perfect for a “young sports nut”. One of his guilty pleasures is Cadbury marvellous creations chocolate and one thing he will never try again is grabbing hold of an electric fence. He claims it was for science.

Josh is very friendly and is always happy to help. Call Josh today on 1300 374 357 and talk about coffee, sport, chocolate, and even solar!

Meet Emma, one of our administrators here in Bendigo. She is keen to be the first person at work in the mornings to get the heater cranking. She is always freezing!

Emma loves to get outside with her partner and daughter, whether it’s a camping weekend, traveling, or a car show, she is happy. Please don’t make her choose between a 4WD and V8! If Emma isn’t venturing into the outdoors, she spends her spare time with her friends and family including her Kelpies, Tess and River.

Emma has an eye for detail and is super helpful and approachable. If you come across Emma while dealing with Cola Solar, you know you’re in good hands!

ALISTAIROperations Coordinator
Meet Alistair, our delightful operations coordinator who is also a knowledgeable off-grid designer with a Masters of Engineering. He organises our solar installations while also assisting the off-grid team with technical designs.

Alistair can’t stop listening to Audiobooks, all of them, all the time. He also won’t put down his insulated coffee cup but is yet to spill anything on his laptop, fortunately. He is currently trendsetting the ‘barefoot shoes’ and is known for his sourdough baking skills. Are you interested in an off-grid solar system? Give Alistair a call today to discuss your options and find out what barefoot shoes are!

CHRISTOPHERSolar Consultant
Meet Christopher, one of our residential reps here in Bendigo. Christopher is a fierce competitor on the motorbike and is fluent in the language of ‘Dad Jokes’.

Christopher is renowned for his extensive solar knowledge, which almost exceeds his minion collection. Do you have friends or family who are interested in Solar? Refer them to Christopher to get them started on their renewable energy journey.

LUKESales Manager
Luke is our Sales Manager here in Bendigo. Luke loves the footy and he is a proud Tigers fan. He has loads of confidence in Solar. So much he has installed a Cola Solar system on his own home.

Luke is known for his calm and down-to-earth nature, and for pioneering his ‘Lasagne Sandwich’. Give us a call and ask for Luke to get your power bills down and your green credibility up!

TOBYSolar Consultant
Meet Toby, our second bearded residential rep here in Bendigo. He likes to tinker with cars, play board games and has a tremendous collection of quirky business socks.

Toby is known for his easy-going nature, technical knowledge, and his yellow Datsun. Toby will jump through all the hoops for you behind the scenes to make your solar purchase as simple as possible for you (he might even take a look at your car for you 😊).

Alexis will be your first point of call here at Cola Solar. She brings a lot to the team including superb customer service, a top-drawer work ethic, and another Pokémon coffee mug.

When she isn’t working her magic in the office, she will be either rescuing/adopting another pet, rapping Eminem, chasing waterfalls, or being a rev-head at a car show. Race into Cola Solar and Alexis will make sure your experience here is a wonderful one!

JONATHANHybrid Accredited Electrician
Meet Jonathan, our solar battery wizard and devoted Tesla fanboy. If you have a Tesla Powerwall from Cola Solar, Jonathan most likely was the one who set up that beautiful beast of a battery for you!

When Jonathan isn’t concocting solar battery magic, he is defeating his friends and enemies at the ‘Settlers of Catan’ board game, applying to become a SpaceX astronaut, and promoting the benefits of the ‘pizza sandwich’. Now that the battery rebate is available, it’s time you got Jonathan to install a battery… and play a round of Catan!

DEBService & Works Administration
Meet Deb, our wonderful service administrator who looks after our customers who might have bugs or issues with their solar systems. A common phrase we hear coming from Deb’s office is “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

As you can see, Deb is quite festive and loves Christmas. If you find a little Santa chocolate or Easter egg on your desk, Deb is most likely the culprit. She also loves cups of tea, discovering new recipes, movies & animals of all shapes and sizes. If you ever need to report an issue with your system, Deb will make sure you are taken care of. She might even share her newest recipe with you!

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