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Commercial Solar Power

Cola Solar is a Central Victorian company and provides services in the Melbourne area and Northern Victoria to Southern New South Wales regions. Since 2009 the company has built its business primarily on high quality domestic installations, now numbering in excess of 2500 satisfied customers , but more recently we have moved into the commercial space with some recent installations to businesses of varying sizes.

Our approach includes:

  • Feasibility & Site Analysis
  • Financing & PPA’s
  • Custom Design & Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Fully Accredited Quality Installation
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance

If your business is predominantly a 9-5 operation, you can offset a massive majority of your consumption. Regardless of whether you are the landlord or the tenant, commercial solar works. Our range of commercial finance packages means the vast majority of people are cash-flow positive from day 1. If you operate 5 days per week, your system still produces on the other days and you gain a small benefit for what you feed back to the grid. A nice ancillary bonus.

Factories, retail shops, heavy industry, dairy, car yards, general stores: the list goes on. We also look at your lighting costs as replacing inefficient lighting can also substantially add to your savings. It also means the solar system itself tends to be smaller which reduces the investment and hastens the returns.

As a landlord, you gain the capital improved value and as a tenant you have great bargaining power for longer leases and you benefit from cheaper, sustained running costs. Many of our commercial clients rent their premises.

Commercial solar clients invariably have incredibly quick ROI. 3-4 years is very common. The business case stacks up incredibly well. And on top of financial reasons, there are many other benefits of solar.

Rebates are still available and very generous.

A commercial solar installation just makes sense. Give us a call, send us your bill, come in and see us.



Overall Methodology – Proven and Effective

Our overall approach to delivering the required services is to exceed your expectations by providing quality and professional services in all aspects. This service will be sustained through excellent people, modern equipment and effective systems.


Excellent Personnel

Cola Solar employ twenty five full time personnel including: five A grade CEC accredited electricians with four apprentice’s and three full time plumbers with one apprentice. Extra staff will be employed if required. The business has a strong team and is complemented by good internal and external support and advice networks. All employees have a client focus and are taught to work to our clients’ requirements.

Call us today on 1300 374 357 to find out more.


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