With heat pump hot water systems, you can utilise free energy in the air to heat your water!

Heat pumps use cutting edge technology that transfers thermal energy from air directly into water, which provides hot water for you around the clock. The best thing is, it reduces water heating consumption by up to 65% and doesn’t need the sun or fossil fuels to provide a continual energy source!

A heat pump is the perfect way for homeowners to reduce their energy consumption, and thus general living costs.

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Benefits of a Heat Pump

  • Extracts free heat energy from the air and uses it to heat water

  • Reduces your power consumption and carbon footprint

  • Is a quick and easy replacement for electric storage water heaters

  • Uses up to 65% less energy than conventional electric water heaters

  • Does not require roof top collectors

  • Eligible for Government Small-scale Technology Certificates

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