BYD is one of the world’s top manufacturers PV and rechargeable batteries, committing to high quality sustainable products and continuous improvement. With over 17 years of battery manufacture experience, BYD have ensured that their energy storage systems are flexible, reliable and powerful.

Safest and most reliable battery

LFP Battery has the highest thermal stability among lithium ion technologies
B-Plus C-rate is 1, much higher than most other available batteries and can even work off-grid

Completely Silent

B-Box does not require any forced cooling, making it completely silent.
Other systems using NCM chemistry require a forced cooling system which produces noise and expend energy

Flexibility in Size and Retrofitting

B-Box has a modular capacity from 2.5Kwh to 409Kwh. Extra capacity can therefore be retrofitted.
B-Box can work On-Grid, Off-Grid, 1 Phase, 3 Phases. It can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications

Highest Usable Energy

Thanks to a combination of the most robust chemistry (LFP) and BYD 20 years experience and R&D it can reach 95.7% of usable capacity.

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