The cost of a brand-new solar solution can be daunting. While solar is a worthwhile investment with numerous financial benefits – sometimes it’s not viable for everyone to afford a new solution outright on their own. Luckily in Victoria we have a range of rebates available to eligible households and businesses that help alleviate the upfront cost of a solar solution and help you take control of your energy bills sooner.

We are going to break down each of the current available rebates, so read on to find out more and learn about a BRAND-NEW solar rebate!

Solar Victoria – Solar Homes Program

There are a range of rebates available as part of Solar Victoria’s Solar Homes Program. Before reading on; It is important to note that you may only apply for one solar rebate, for example, you could not apply for the Solar Panel rebate and Solar Battery rebate in tandem.

Keep scrolling below for more information about the rebates available through the Solar Homes Program.


Solar Panel (PV) Rebate

Did you know: You could save up to $1,400 on solar panels (PV) with a government rebate from Solar Victoria?

Eligible homeowners and rental properties will be granted up to $1,400 through the rebate program as well as have the option to access an interest free loan for an amount equivalent to their rebate amount. The loan can be repaid over four years or earlier in a lump sum payment.

Rounds of available rebates are released on the second Wednesday of each month, with over 20,000 solar panel rebates remaining in the current release.

To find out more information and check the eligibility criteria for the Solar Panel (PV) Rebate visit: for more info.

Solar Battery Rebate

Eligible households may receive a point-of-sale discount of up to $3,500 with Solar Victoria Battery Rebate.

The interest free loan option is not available to solar battery rebate recipients.

To receive the battery rebate, you must have solar PV panels with a capacity equal to or greater than 5kW or arrange to have some installed in conjunction with your solar battery installation.

To see the full eligibility criteria for the Solar Victoria Battery Rebate visit: for more info.

Solar Rebates for Rental Properties

Eligible rental providers can receive a rebate of up to $1,400 for the installation of solar panels. The interest free loan is also available to rental providers under this program, with a loan available up to the value of $1,400.

Are you a renter? Did you know that an average rental household can expect to save hundreds of dollars per year?

If you’re a renter and would like to get solar, you should first contact your rental provider to let them know about the Solar for Rentals rebate.

Solar Victoria have put together a letter template to help you approach your rental provider about options for solar installations. The handy email template can be found at:

Solar Hot Water Rebate

Eligible households can claim a 50% rebate of up to $1,000 on solar hot water systems through this scheme.

For more information and to see the Solar Hot Water Rebate eligibility criteria visit

Solar Victoria – Solar for Business Program

The Solar for Business Program is a government initiative aimed at bringing down energy bills for small businesses by reducing the upfront cost of the installation of an approved small-scale solar PV system up to 30kW.

The rebates have a current value of $3,500 until the remaining 1,648 allotments (as of 8.02.22) of the current release have been fully allocated. The next release of rebates will have a value of up to $1,750, a reduction of half of the original rebate value.

If you are a small business owner considering solar, now would be an ideal time to make the solar investment to ensure you can claim the higher rebate amount before the current release allotments are allocated.

Businesses that rent their premises are eligible for the rebate, as well as businesses that own their premises. To view the full eligibility criteria and for more information visit:

Applying For a Solar Victoria Rebate

There are four main steps to applying for a Solar Victoria rebate:

  1. INFORM YOURSELF Before you sign any contracts for solar installation you should familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria of the rebate you are interested in applying for. This is a good time to research types of solar system components (panels, inverters, and batteries) and discern whether you have particular products you would like to use. All solar systems installed under the Solar Victoria program must be listed on the Approved Products Lists to qualify for a rebate. All products installed by Cola Solar are Solar Victoria approved products and meet stringent quality standards.
  2. GET A WRITTEN QUOTE FROM AN AUTHORISED SOLAR RETAILER That’s where we come in! As an authorised solar retailer, we can assist you in designing the perfect solar solution to suit your household energy needs and budget. We will upload your quote to the Solar Victoria portal for you. To receive a quote from us you can submit an online enquiry at or by calling us on 1300 374 357.
  3. GET PRE-APPROVAL TO EXPORT TO THE GRID (IF THAT’S WHAT YOUR AIM IS) If you are interested in exporting your excess power back to the grid it is important to receive a solar pre-approval from the Distribution Network Service Provider (DSNP). In a majority of cases around the Bendigo Region, the DSNP is Powercor. We can do your solar pre-approval for you, or assist you in obtaining this if you would prefer to do the pre-approval yourself.
  4. GET YOUR ELIGIBILITY NUMBER AND QR CODE After accessing the portal and beginning your application process, you will need to have your eligibility assessed. If you are deemed eligible for the rebate you are applying for, you will be provided with a unique eligibility number and QR code. Make sure you send your QR code to us! Our installers must scan the QR code on the day of your installation, without it, we cannot complete the installation.

Our friendly customer service team at Cola Solar are absolute experts in all things rebates! If you get stuck at any point in your application, they will be more than happy to help.

Thank you for reading our quick guide to current Solar Victoria rebates. 

To speak to someone about solar rebates or a potential solar installation you can call us on 1300 374 357 and our expert staff will be more than happy to help out.